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Paul Copan

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Paul Copan … is a Ukrainian-American Christian theologian, analytic philosopher, apologist, and author. He is currently a professor at the Palm Beach Atlantic University and holds the Pledger Family Endowed Chair of Philosophy and Ethics. He has written primarily in the area of philosophy of religion, authored seven books about religious relativism and Science & religion, and edited eleven books in field of philosophy of religion and the historicity of Jesus Christ. He has contributed many articles in professional journals and books and is the president of the Evangelical Philosophical Society.
- Source: Wikipedia, Paul Copan. Retrieved: Saturday, September 10, 2011 - 12:24 PM CET
Jeremiah J. Johnson interviews Christian apologist and philosopher Dr. Paul Copan


Christian "If You Grew Up in India, You'd Be a Hindu A chapter from Paul Copan's book, "True For You, But Not For Me"
Christian That's True For You, But Not For Me A chapter from Paul Copan's book by the same title.
Christian Understanding the Covenant-Making God Chapter 4 of Paul Copan's book, Is God a Moral Monster?
Christian You Can't Trust The Gospels. They're Unreliable. A chapter from Paul Copan's book, "True For You, But Not For Me"

In our relativistic society, Christians more than ever are bombarded by tough questions about their faith. Author Paul Copan has observed that many of these questions emerge as ''anti-truth claims'' that are part of today's skeptical mind-set. Christians defending their faith often hear slogans and questions such as: - It's all relative - Everything is one with the Divine; all else is illusion - The Gospels contradict each other - Why would a good God create hell?

This book provides incisive answers to slogans related to truth and reality; theism, pantheism/Eastern religion, and naturalism; and doctrinal issues such as the incarnation and truth of Scripture. Each of the twenty-two chapters provides succinct answers and summary points for countering the arguments. Copan's book is accessible for all Christians who want to defend the plausibility of Christianity in the marketplace of ideas. It also includes helpful summary sections, additional resources, and additional documentation in the endnotes for review and discussion.
- Source: Book description, Amazon.com
Christian ''True For You, But Not For Me'' ''Deflating the Slogans That Leave Christians Speechless'' by Paul Copan, Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, MN. 1998.
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Christian PaulCopan.com Official website of Paul Copan

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Paul Copan
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