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Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
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Evangelism, evangelist, good news

Evangelism : Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Evangelism is the sharing of evangel - the ''good news.'' Historically, it has referred primarily to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by his followers, Christians.

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Christian Apologetics and Evangelism, by Jimmy Williams of Probe Ministries
Christian Are Evangelism, Missions, and Apologetics a Hate Crime? An overview of recent media portrayals of evangelical fulfillment of the Great Commission. From Watchman Fellowship
Christian Becoming A Gentle Crusader "How to share your passion without being obnoxious", by Jan Johnson, Discipleship Journal, July/Aug. 1999
Christian Discover Your Evangelism Style "You can introduce people to Christ just by being yourself.", by Matt Mittelberg, Discipleship Journal, Sep/Oct. 1996
Christian Evangelism that Flows "Natural forces drain evangelistic energy, but your church can keep its outreach strong.", Leadership Journal, Summer 1998
Christian Intolerance, Apologetics and Evangelism A Christian response to accusations of intolerance. From Watchman Fellowship
Christian Six Enemies Of Apologetic Engagement, by Douglas Groothuis
Christian Talking Foolishness "How do you talk about the cross with people who scoff at the concepts of sin and guilt?", by Paula Rinehart, Discipleship Journal, Mar/Apr. 1995

Article Collections
Christian Evangelism Leadership Journal, Fall 2002
Christian Evangelistic Bible Studies, from the Coalition for Christian Outreach - a college ministry that works cooperatively with colleges, universities and churches to help them guide students through these critical years of their lives



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