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Feroze Golwalla
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Feroze Golwalla

Feroze Golwalla

Parsee Ministry Team


In teaching, advising, mentoring, and dealing with thousands of college students for over two decades, none has ever stood out among them more prominently as dishonest, arrogant, controlling, egotistical, and crafty than Feroze Golwalla.
Source: Dr. Ron Sauer, professor, Moody Bible Institute , Quoted at Feroze Golwalla: Our Story

The fuming families of three Bay State students are considering legal action against an Illinois Christian college, claiming the school failed to protect their children from an ``evil'' cult leader who they say lured them into an isolated vortex of ritualistic torture.

``I spent hours and hours applying ice to fat lips, cuts. I got whipped so many times that I couldn't feel it anymore,'' Harvard University grad Andrew Wolfe recalls of the violence he endured in Baruch Ha Shem. ``It was just monstrous. It was terrible.''

The cult's leader, Feroze Golwalla, was notorious for recruiting students on the suburban Illinois campus of Wheaton College - a school that counts holy roller Billy Graham among its alumni. Golwalla's controversial tactics had been reported several times to school administrators by parents of students who fled the high-control group, according to ex-members.

Golwalla, 36, is wanted by Maryland state police on assault charges stemming from severe beatings he allegedly unleashed on Wolfe and his twin brother, Benjamin, in the basement of Golwalla's brother's Mount Airy, Md., home in 2002. The beatings occurred after the sect returned from a Wheaton-sanctioned trip to Pakistan.

Benjamin Wolfe was beaten so badly that blood poured from his ears when his eardrums were ruptured from Golwalla's open-handed smacks, his brother said.

Golwalla, a Pakistani, also allegedly beat the brothers with cans of ``Boost'' energy drink, pulled their hair out ``in clumps'' and used ``psychological manipulation'' before allegedly sexually abusing them and other young men in the cult. One was allegedly raped with a broomstick.

``It was a terrible situation. He would beat us and then do this, `come to papa' routine,'' Wolfe, 24, remembers.

Andreson, who tried four times to flee before finally breaking free in 2002, says she was forced to stay awake for days, had to stand in frigid weather in just a T-shirt for hours and was made to flog other members. Golwalla also made her abuse herself, once forcing her to screw a jagged coat hanger into her face.

She described the Maryland basement as a ``torture chamber,'' and said the hot-tempered cultist once kicked her to the ground and threw a book at her head. He wouldn't let her call her family, monitored her phone calls and e-mails and forced her to slap herself in the face, pull out tufts of her own hair and bang her head on the floor until it bled. Her punishment for questioning Golwalla on one occasion: She had to lick a filthy bathroom floor.

``It was definitely evil,'' she recalled. ``It was so isolated. That basement was my whole life and Feroze was my God.''
Source: Students' tale of cult 'evil', The Boston Herald, Mar. 21, 2004

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Christian Our Story (Contra)
I put this site together to inform the public about Feroze. The information on this site is not the opinion of one person; it has been pooled from the experiences of a variety of people who have known Feroze over a number of years. Even that which comes only from those who were formerly in his inner circle can be confirmed for the most part by at least two and as many as five people. If you know Feroze and are convinced he is a decent man or a man of God, I urge you: Please, read through the information on this site, and contact me, if only to disagree. Feroze needs to be brought to justice for what he has done or, at the least, he needs to be monitored so that those who are brought into his web can be informed for themselves, early, of the dangers of association with him. Whatever he has told you, he has not sought reconciliation with the many people whose lives have been devastated in his path.
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