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You have landed on one of our very old Apologetics Index entries. The following information has probably not been updated for many years. We keep this entry online for historical research purposes. See a broken link? Here is how to find the archived article or website.

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Vampirism / Vampire Cults

A sub-culture that, for some, is reality as well.

Interestingly, cult apologists Massimo Introvigne and J. Gordon Melton participate in and promote ''vampire parties.''


Christian The Vampyre Underground by Marcia Montenegro, of CANA

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Older items:
(Mar. 27, 1999) Vampire cultist claims time wasn't on his side at trial
(Dec. 8, 1998) Grand jury to consider Wendorf case again

Van Praagh, James

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(Mar. 12, 1999) The medium has the message
(Feb. 17, 1999) James Van Praagh reaches to heaven

ChristianAcademic Van Til Institute for Apologetics, The

The Van Til Institute for Apologetics is our center for the reasoned defense of the historic Christian faith. Named for a ground-breaking 20th century apologist, Cornelius Van Til, this center provides some of the finest cutting edge scholarship in the world. This center serves an international community with the highest caliber of thoughtful apologetic studies and resources.

This institute is part of CAPO Click for more information on this entry

"Varieties of Religious Experience"


Hindu scriptures. Details.

Veterans of Truth

Ministry of former Two-by-Two members.

Vibrational Individuation Program

Australia-based cult. Led by Joan Phillips and Marie Steinke. The movement promotes bizarre diets.

Grey Zone, Unsure, or Offkey Victory Outreach Ministries

Founded in 1967 in Los Angeles, California, by Sonny Arguinzoni, an ordained Assemblies of God minister, Victory Outreach is a ministry that reaches out primarily to drug addicts, gang members, and ex-inmates.

This entry is keyed grey because of persistent reports of spiritual abuse, as well as for it's habit of having word-faith preachers adress its conferences.

Regarding Spiritual Abuse

AI had also keyed this entry orange "for VO's close affiliation with prominent Word-Faith teachers (such as Morris Cerullo, John Avanzini, and Marilyn Hickey."

We have removed the orange key, as VO representatives emphatically state they do not teach, nor approve of, Word-Faith theology. However, we do not accept VO's justifications for giving prominent Word-Faith teachers a platform at its conferences. For example, Morris Cerullo addressed the 1998 Victory Outreach European International Conference in Amsterdam. Those familiar with Cerullo's heretical doctrines and questionable actions (from his manner of fundraising to ill-advised actions that directly led to Israel proposing anti-proselytizing laws) will wonder what possible reason Victory Outreach could have for legitimizing this man's "ministry." Cerullo's word-faith teachings are well-documented in Hank Hanegraaf's Christianity In Crisis - a book B.J. Oropeza (author of VO's response) contributed to as a researcher while working with CRI.

Regarding Spiritual Abuse

Peter Belaustegui, a former Victory Outreach pastor, in his article quotes Ken Blue, as saying, "The pastors of Victory Outreach are total dictators." Peter says the statement was made while discussing a VO teaching tape he sent to Ken. Ken states that since the publication of his book Healing Spiritual Abuse lots of people contact him for advice on these kind of issues. However, while Ken remembers talking with Peter Belaustegui, he says that he does not remember what was discussed. Too, Ken says he has no direct knowledge of Victory Outreach, and could thus not have made the above statement. As the statement is not documented, and can not be verified it should be disregarded.

Regarding VO's Response

Various parties who have been contacted personally, including myself, have noticed an unusual level of defensiveness, an unwillingness to address certain, specific issues, and a glossing over of certain facts (e.g. regarding the use of Word-Faith teachers).

- Articles -
Christian A Former Victory Outreach Pastor's Testimony Apologetics Index invited B.J. Oropeza to provide a Victory Outreach Response for publication here.

- Sites -
Grey Zone, Unsure, or Offkey All American Network Victory Outreach's Television Network. Caution: Affiliated with TBN - a major promoter of word-faith and other heretical theologies.
Christian One Couple's Reasons For Leaving A former leader and his wife write Victory Outreach Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni
Grey Zone, Unsure, or Offkey Victory Outreach International Official Site
Christian Victory Outreach Survivors Homepage Collection of articles on Victory Outreach, as well as on spiritual abuse.


Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Searchable dictionary cross-references to Easton's Bible Dictionary, Nave's Topical Bible, and Torrey's New Topical Textbook.


Also known as: Vineyard Movement or Vineyard Christian Fellowships.

Founded by John Wimber (died 1997)
Todd Hunter as the National Director of AVC-USA.

- Articles -
Christian History of the Jesus People (site) Dave DiSabatino's excellent essay includes some information about the birth of the Vineyard Movement (Specifically in Chapters 3 and 7)
Christian Vineyard Position Papers Collection of responses to criticism of Vineyard teachings and practices.

Virgin Mary

See Mariology

Vivien, Alain

Vo Vi

Meditation group which claims millions of followers worldwide. Led by Ong Tam.


Animistic religion derived from African ancestor Worship.


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Vrieswijk, Sipke

Leader of De Gemeente Gods, a Dutch cult.

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Vrije Zendingshulp

Dutch organization that promotes the teachings of William Branham

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