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You have landed on one of our very old Apologetics Index entries. The following information has probably not been updated for many years. We keep this entry online for historical research purposes. See a broken link? Here is how to find the archived article or website.

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Hadden, Jeffrey K.

Hagee, John

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Hagin, Kenneth

Prominent Word-Faith teacher. Sometimes erroneously referred to as the "Father of the Word-Faith Movement." That title belongs to E.W. Kenyon, much of whose work Hagin plagiarized (documented in D.R. McConnell's book "A Different Gospel.")

- Articles -
Christian Kenneth Hagin Ministries: Where's The Faith? by Jay Howard, asking "Does Kenneth Hagin follow his own rules?"

Publication: "Word of Faith" magazine

Christ's physical death on the cross was not enough to save us.
How Jesus obtained His Name, Tape 44H01

Jesus tasted spiritual death.
How Jesus obtained His Name, Tape 44H01

The Christian "is as much an incarnation as was Jesus of Nazareth."
"The Incarnation," The Word of Faith (Dec. 1980)

"[Man] was created on terms of equality with God, and he could stand in God's presence without any consciousness of inferiority...God made us as much like Himself as possible...He made us the same class of being that He is Himself...Man lived in the realm of God. He lived on terms equal with God...[The] believer is called Christ...That's who we are; we're Christ"
"Zoe: The God-Kind of Life," 1989. pp. 35-36, 41

"Every man who has been born again is an incarnation and Christianity is a miracle. The believer is as much an incarnation as was Jesus of Nazareth"
"The Incarnation," The Word of Faith 13, December, 1980

"You are as much the incarnation of God as Jesus Christ was...the believer is as much an incarnation as was Jesus of Nazareth."
"Word Of Faith" Dec. 1980, p. 14

"Why did He need to be begotten or born? Because He became like we were - separated from God. Because He tasted spiritual death for every man. And His spirit and inner men went to hell in my place. Can't you see that? Physical death wouldn't remove your sins. He's tasted death for every man. He's talking about tasting spiritual death. Jesus is the first person that was ever born again. Why did His spirit need to be born again? Because it was estranged from God." (Kenneth Hagin, "How Jesus obtained His Name"
Tape #44-H01

- News Database -   » About this News Archive
(Apr. 11, 1999) Health-food fundamentalists


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Hanegraaff, Hank

- Articles -
Secular Developing CRI-sis? Ken Smith's collection of articles addressing various issues related to CRI and Hank Hanegraaff.
Christian Is the Good News Bear a Copy Cat? : Hank Hanegraaff and Plagiarism 1998 update. A report by Robert Bowman

Not satisfied to accept the secondhand research of anonymous critics, I decided to investigate the matter for myself. This report, first written in December 1995, is the result. In making this information available, my only interest is in letting the truth be known. Given the widespread dissemination of the plagiarism charge, there is no honorable benefit to be gained by avoiding the issue. I wish no harm to Mr. Hanegraaff or anyone else. However, I do believe that Mr. Hanegraaff ought to be held accountable by his pastor, his Board, and his financial supporters. These responsible parties need to decide, based on the evidence, whether Mr. Hanegraaff has indeed committed plagiarism, and if so, what they ought to do about it.

"Hard To Receive"


Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Hardy, Barry

Amateur cult apologist. A CESNUR-devotee, who is fond of quoting Leo Pfeffer's "definition" of a cult.

Like other cult apologists, he blames cult victims for the abuse they experienced. Tends to get rude when challenged or exposed. (Incidentally, Hardy claims "...there was a reason for doing what I did...", but does not offer an explanation for his plagiarism). He prides himself on his sarcasm, at times thinly veiled by the use of emoticons. While claiming to be a Christian he specializes in ad hominem attacks on those who disagree with him.

Barry Hardy is so flabbergasted when people don't accept what he says that he often asks whether they can read, and suggests they must not understand the English language well enough. In turn, he talks about Greek and Hebrew, but there is no indication that he is familiar with those languages. Rather, he promotes the writings of Greg Stafford and Rolf Furuli.

He posts to usenet under attorney@nospam.inet-systems.net (and did so while still studying at Georgia State University School of Law - long before he became an attorney), and to CHRISTIA, a Christian mailing list as barryhardy@juno.com.

Though he claims to be a Christian, he fiercely denies the doctrine of the Trinity. His heretical theological views are akin to those of Jehovah's Witnesses (he never quite gets around to stating his own religious affiliation), and militate against orthodox Christian beliefs.

Among the Usenet groups he hangs out in is the alt.religion.jehovahs-witn newsgroup, where he defends Jehovah's Witnesses theology and practices. alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic is another place where Hardy promotes his anti-Trinity, pro-Jehovah's Witnesses heresies.

He appears in alt.support.ex-cult every now and then to speak ill of cult victims and those who try to help them (as he does elsewhere).

Hardy also is a staunch defender of the death penalty, even in light of serious flaws in America's ''justice system.''

Buyer beware: Devoid of any real arguments, he does not shy away from posting blatant lies about those he disagrees with.

Hare Krishna

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Harmony Worship Center Church

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Hassan, Steve

A former cult member (Unification Church), and now a licensed mental health counselor, Steve Hassan is author of the best-seller, "Combatting Cult Mind Control". His latest book is "Releasing the Bonds : Empowering People to Think for Themselves" He is an acknowledged cult expert who has been involved in educating the public about mind control and destructive cults for over twenty-three years. [...more...]

Hate Groups

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Hausherr, Tilman

Online anti-cult activist. Areas of expertise include: Unification Church, Scientology, Cult Apologists.

- Articles -
Secular Cult Apologists FAQ Produced by Tilman Hausherr (French translation by Roger Gonnet)

Hawkins, Craig

See the Wicca entry for link to an interview with the Craig Hawkins.

Hawkins, Yisrayl "Bill"

Leader, House of Yahweh

Hayford, Jack

Pastor, Church on the Way, Van Nuys, California. Board member of Promise Keepers. Pastor to Paul and Jan Crouch, whom he supports Co-founder and first officer of Charismastic Bible Ministries (CBM)

Head Covering

- Articles -
Christian What is the Head Covering in 1 Cor 11:2-16 and Does it Apply to Us Today? by Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D. Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary


Healing - Alternative

Alternative healers, alternative medicines, and alternative treatments have become increasingly popular. They include such things as homeopathic medicines, herbal teas or pills, acupuncture, rolfing, etcetera. Some are innocent, but many alternative healers and their treatments rely on New Age teachings, occult powers and other non-Christian beliefs and practices.

- Articles -
Christian Alternative Medicine by Peter Saunders, of Christian Medical Fellowship (England). Part 2. See also: Responding to Alternative Medicine
Christian Alternative Medicine: The Mainstreaming of the Holistic Health Movement by Paul C. Reisser, M.D.
Christian Seven Questions For Your Healer Excellent questions Christians should ask their physicians. Suggests follow-up questions, and explains the premises behind the questions.
Christian The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly... by Watchman Fellowship
Christian Postmodernism and You: Healthcare Brief look at two of the most popular schools of alternative medicine: Therapeutic Touch and Ayurvedic Medicine.
Christian Responding to Alternative Medicine by Peter Saunders, of Christian Medical Fellowship (England)
Christian Warning Watchman Fellowship's listing of healing practices whose "underlying world-view or ultimate goal is that of New Age / occultic / eastern mysticism"

- See Also -
» Acupuncture
» Faith Healing
» Homeopathy

- Sites -
Christian Christian Medical Fellowship Includes articles on alternative healing methods, medical ethics, etcetera
Secular Quackwatch Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D., this is "Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions." Also available in French and German

Healing - Inner

Healing of Memories

Christian "Healing Spiritual Abuse"

Excellent book by Ken Blue on the subject of spiritual abuse. Subtitled, "How To Break Free From Bad Church Experiences."

"The evil that Ken Blue writes about is real, widespread and deadly. Happily, Ken understands the solutions and points to them clearly"
John White.

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Health & Wealth Gospel

Also referred to as Name-It & Claim-It, Prosperity Teaching or, by opponents, as "Blab-it & Grab-it."

See Word-Faith Movement

Heaven's Gate

This information has been moved to an expanded entry on Heaven's Gate.

Heaven's Gathering

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Heaven's Magic

Heflin, Ruth Ward (Jan. 21, 1940 - Sep. 15, 2000)

Ms. Heflin was an author popular with many women in today's controversial renewal and revival movements. She had a major influence within the women's movement at the Brownsville, Pensacola Assemblies of God.

Her web site included a gushing report of her meeting with Silvania Machado, who - according to Helfin - shed gold dust and fragrant oil. In fact, Heflin kept supporting Machado, even though the "gold dust" produced by the latter turned out to be "plastic film."

(...)Two independent tests on samples of the gold-colored dust that falls from Silvania Machado's head during services have found the substance to be more like plastic glitter, with no gold content.

But Heflin stands by Machado. It was God's presence, not the gold dust, that first convinced her Machado was genuine, she said. "I began to weep because of the wonderful sense of His presence," Heflin said of Machado's meetings. "Perhaps we should call it 'glory dust' instead of 'gold dust.'"

Ms. Heflin's teachings and prophecies mirrored errors often found in the so-called ''Toronto Blessing'' and ''Brownsville/Pensacolo Outpouring'' ''revivals.'' See, for example, the message she conveyed to Benny Hinn:

Christian Jesus Christ Slated To Star With Benny Hinn ... IN PERSON! by Sandy Simpson, who writes: "I received these e-mails confirming that Benny Hinn has announced that Jesus Christ will appear bodily in Hinn's crusades. This was "prophesied" by Ruth Heflin, now famous for serving up gold teeth and gold dust all over Christendumb (and I am not misspelling that word!)."

Heifer, Red

Several Americans are raising and shipping red heifers to Israel in the belief that the birth of a red heifer in Israel will signal the rebuilding of the Temple.

If Clyde Lott has his way, several hundred cows will fly to Israel this December. And the Mississippi preacher has some unlikely allies in his quest: Jews living in Israel and the West Bank.

The cows, the first of what Lott hopes will be 50,000 sent to the Jewish state, are part of his plan to fulfill a biblical prophecy that a red heifer be born in Israel to bring about the "Second Coming" of Jesus.

A cattle rancher and ordained minister with the National Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ, Lott believes, like most fundamentalist Christians, that three preconditions mentioned in the Bible are necessary for the coming of the Messiah: the state of Israel must be restored; Jerusalem must be in Jewish hands; and the Temple, last destroyed in 70 A.D., must be rebuilt.

The modern state of Israel, of course, was established in 1948, and since 1967, the Jewish state has controlled all of Jerusalem. That leaves the rebuilding of the Temple, and since a red heifer was part of the sacrificial ritual in the Temple -- mentioned several times in the Bible, including in the Book of Numbers, chapters 19-22 -- many believe the birth of a red heifer in Israel will signal the Temple's return.

Many Jews believe that the same preconditions will bring about the coming of the Jewish Messiah.

At least two other American Christians are breeding similar cows in the United States in hopes of bringing them to Israel, according to Gershon Solomon, the leader of the Temple Mount Faithful, another group dedicated to rebuilding the Temple.

Hein, Anton


- Articles -
Christian Brimstone for the broad-minded Preaching hell in a tolerant age. By Timothy Keller, writing in "Evangelicals Now."
Christian Evangelicals and the Annihilation of Hell and Part 2 by Dr. Alan Gomes


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See Heresy


Differing from orthodox teaching in some significant way; may occur in varying degrees.
Definition from: "A Biblical Guide To Orthodoxy And Heresy Part One: The Case For Doctrinal Discernment" (an article from the Christian Research Journal, Summer 1990, page 28) by Robert M. Bowman.

Hexham, Dr. Irving

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Hickey, Marilyn

Word-Faith teacher. Chairman on the Board of Regents of Oral Roberts University. Known for manipulative, deceptive fundraising tactics.

Magazine: "Outpouring"

- Quotes -

What do you need? Start creating it. Start speaking about it. Start speaking it into being. Speak to your billfold. Say, "You big, thick billfold full of money." Speak to your checkbook. Say, "You, checkbook,you. You've never been so prosperous since I owned you. You're just crammed full of money."
Audio tape #186, "Claim Your Miracles." Side 2.

Note: I watched Ms. Hickey teach this very principle via a TV station in Southern California. Ten minutes later she told her viewers that if we didn't send money, her program would have to be dropped from the station... Apparently, Ms. Hickey's teachings don't work.


Christian Are Christians Cursed? Addresses the teachings in Marilyn Hickey's book, ''Break the Generation Curse'' (see also Generational Curses)

- Sites -
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Marilyn Hickey Ministries Official site.

Hidden Manna

Faction of the Branch Davidians. Led by Renos Avraam, who considers himself to be David Koresh' true successor. He expects David Koresh to return in August, 1999, and in his book warns that those of Koresh' followers who reject his message will be the first(!) to be killed when he does.

It appears only a few of the survivors accept his message, but his Hidden Manna has gained some new followers. This Branch Davidians faction is evangelistic in nature, as evidenced by the group-specific domain names it has registered: branchdavidian.com, davidkoresh.com, sevenseals.com and seventrumpets.com

- Articles -
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Keys to the Kingdom Glossary of prophetic terms used by Avraam

Hill, Steve

Full-time evangelist, Brownsville Assembly of God. Stated that anyone who "criticized" Brownsville was a "God mocker". (Quoted in Pensacola: The New Order of the Latter Rain Recycled?

- Quotes -

Did you know, friend, there are people that talk about the revival and sway people away from the revival that are going to stand on judgment day-they're going to stand on judgment day for their blindness. The blind leading the blind! There are people that want to get saved at the Brownsville Revival. They wanted to get saved tonight! But before they got out the door, some blind guide got ahold of them and said, "You don't need to go over there; God can touch you right here."
Hill, White Cane Religion, video

In these latter days preaching and simply teaching the word is no longer sufficient, the Spirit has to get involved, through signs and wonders due to much sin that abounds.
Quoted by Robert C. Gray, "What We Saw," December 14, 1996.

Steve Hill, an Assemblies of God evangelist and chief speaker of the revival often pretends he's across Florida at Cape Canaveral: "You've got 20 seconds to come down!" Hill yells. "Come on down! Make up your mind! Who are you going to serve? Come on down! Eight seconds! Six, five, four, three. Come on! Yes, Lord!"
Quoted by Carlson, Washington Post, Sunday, April 27, 1997, p. F01.

Now let yourselves go: don't even think about what you are doing, forget about those around you and what they are doing. Release your mind release your spirit and let the mighty river of the Holy Ghost take you wherever He wants you to go.
Quoted by Jimmy Robbins, "Revival ... or Satanic Counterfeit?" 1996.


Hinckley, Gordon B.

Current head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) - a cult of Christianity. Considered by Mormons to be an apostle and prophet, but seen by Christians as the leader of a pseudo-Christian movement and a false prophet.

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Hinn, Benny

Controversial word/faith teacher

More Information Read more in this extended entry

Hinn, Sam

Benny Hinn's brother. Founder of Sam Hinn Ministries.

- Articles -
Christian All In The Family - The Visions And Vanities Of Sam Hinn Review of Sam Hinn's book "Changed In His Presence." By Richard Fisher, of Personal Freedom Outreach Click for more information on this entry

In all, Sam's book is deficient and defective. Extravagant claims, self-promotion, mythology, exaggeration and unproven hype seem to run in the Hinn family.

Christian History of the Jesus People

David DiSabatino's excellent, well-documented thesis, finished during the 1993-94 semester year at McMaster Divinity College (McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). Of special interest both to those of us "who were there," and those who would like to gain more insight into the roots of several of today's movements.

David DiSabatino, Author
Email: sabbi@the-wire.com
2008 Aldermead Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 3A7, Canada
Tel: (905) 820 1636

See also: the Remembering The Jesus Movement


Christian Darwin Did he repent?
Christian FCC Petition Did Madalyn Murray O'Hair try to get religious broadcasting banned?
Secular The Harry Potter email hoax Check the source...
Christian Islam, Claims of conversions to False Claims and Rumors of Conversions to Islam. Plus information on other hoaxes involving Islam.
Christian Joshua's Long or Missing Day Have NASA Computers Proven It?
Christian Procter&Gamble Does P&G support the Satanic Church?
Christian Reno, Janet Did Janet Reno talk to 60 Minutes about Cults?
Christian Satanic Ritual Abuse Is there a widespread conspiracy covering up this alleged practice?

- See Also -
» Conspiracy Theories

Ho No Hana Sanpogyo


The destruction of some 6 million Jews by the Nazis and their followers in Europe between the years 1933-1945. Other individuals and groups were persecuted and suffered grievously during this period, but only the Jews were marked for complete and utter annihilation. The term ''Holocaust'' - literally meaning ''a completely burned sacrifice'' - tends to suggest a sacrificial connotation to what occurred. The word Shoah, originally a Biblical term meaning widespread disaster, is the modern Hebrew equivalent.
Holocaust Glossary, The Simon Wiesenthal Center

- Glossary -


Non-Christian The Simon Wiesenthal Center International center for Holocaust remembrance, the defense of human rights and the Jewish people. Extensive collection of information about the holocaust, including teacher resources, online books, and a multimedia learning center.

Holocaust Deniers

Also known as holocaust revisionists. People who deny the Holocaust took place, or who claim that far fewer Jews were killed than history reports. Some claim there was no deliberate Nazi program to exterminate the Jews. Many - though not all - holocaust deniers are neo-nazis, or sympathize with them.


Non-Christian Responses to Revisionist Arguments From The Simon Wiesenthal Center

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Holy Laughter

Practice promoted within some renewal and revival movements. Known in some Pentecostal circles. Re-introduced by, among others, Rodney Howard-Browne, the Vineyard Movement and leaders associated with the Toronto Blessing and some other renewal and revival movements. Said to be a manifestation of the presence or touch of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit

Non-Christian Holy Spirit Movement

Cult in Uganda.

- Articles -
Secular Lord's Resistance Army The Human Rights Watch report also covers the Holy Spirit Movement

Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB)

Anglican church in London. England's home of the Toronto Blessing. Vicar Sandy Miller. HTB also is known for the Alpha Course.

- News Database -   » About this News Archive
(Apr. 1, 1999) Religion is back in fashion


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Hong, Nansook

Former daughter-in-law of Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church (see "News Archive" under that entry).

- Books -        Click On Titles To Order At Discount           » More Books
Secular In the Shadow of the Moons Subtitled, "My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family" by Nansook Hong. "Hong, who arrived in the U.S. from Seoul as a 15-year-old bride handpicked by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon for his son, shares her story of 14 years of harrowing abuse at the hands of the Moon family, and her eventual escape to make a new life."

Her memoir, "In the Shadow of the Moons," due out next month from Little, Brown, reveals the Moon family's darkest secrets. She says she witnessed cocaine and marijuana abuse and was taken on trips to Las Vegas during which Sun Myung Moon would have someone place bets for him so he would not actually gamble himself.

She says she contracted a sexually transmitted disease from her husband and was "a toy for his sexual pleasure or an outlet for his violent rages." She also claims she saw the elder Moon abusing his children. She eventually fled the compound with her own children after weeks of meticulous planning.

Nansook Hong has also been telling Mike Wallace about life in the Moon compound, and her revelations are expected to air on "60 Minutes" next month.
Source: Double Trouble for Moon Empire, New York Post, Aug 17, 1998

Hongzhi, Li

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Honsberger, Bill

Cult expert. Expert on Concerned Christians. Email: BHONZ@aol.com

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox HOPE WorldWide

The charitable arm of the International Churches of Christ. Directors: Bob and Pat Gempel

Horned God

In Wicca (Witchcraft), the Horned God is not - and does not represent - satan. Rather, he is a male deity. The horns represents animals or power. The High Priest - the male leader of a coven, and assistant to the High Priestess - represents the Horned God.

See The Mother Goddess and the Horned God, in Craig Hawkins' "The Modern World of Witchcraft."

The Goddess's consort, the male Horned God, is associated with the sun. According to most witches, he dies and is reborn every year. He too is called and invoked by many names, including Adonis, Ammon-Ra, Apollo, Baphomet, Cernunnos, Dionysius, Eros, Faunus, Hades, Horus, Nuit, Lucifer, Odin, Osiris, Pan, Thor, and Woden.

Different witchcraft traditions and solitary practitioners diverge in the importance they attach to the Mother Goddess and the Horned God. Some emphasize the Goddess, some the Horned God, while many seek a balance between the two.

House, Dr. H. Wayne

Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies and Apologetics at Faith Seminary, Tacoma, WA, Professor of Law (Trinity Law School) and a Professor of Theology and Culture (Trinity Graduate School) at the California campus in Santa Ana of Trinity International University, whose major campus is in Deerfield, Illinois.

The author of almost 20 books and over 30 journal articles, Dr. House is known as a gifted teacher and speaker. He is on the board of a number of Christian ministries, including Stand to Reason and EMNR.

Noted author and apologist Norman Geisler says, "Wayne House is unique among apologists and theologians in America. He is adept in areas of law, ethics, theology and biblical studies and can speak in any of these matters in a way that can be understood by the average person in the pew..."

- Books -        Click On Titles To Order At Discount           » More Books
Christian Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine "The author provides precise and condensed summaries of the concepts and arguments from the fields of historical and systematic theology."
Christian Charts of Cults, Sects and Religious Movements "Facts about membership, worship, leaders, and publications are followed by the doctrinal position of each group, which is substantiated by quotes from group leaders and publications. This doctrinal position is then compared with the historic orthodox view."
Christian Chronological and Background Charts of the New Testament "Illlustrates all aspects of the chronology, historical background, and criticism of the New Testament."
Christian The Less Traveled Road and the Bible A Scriptural Critique of the Philosophy of M. Scott Peck. By H. Wayne House and Richard Abanes

» Additional books by Dr. H. Wayne House

House of David

House of Prayer

- News Database -

» Search for news items in our news database.
(Includes items added between Oct. 25, 1999 and Jan. 31, 2002. See about this database)

House of Prayer (Atlanta, Georgia)

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House of Yahweh

The extended entry on House of Yahweh has move here.

- Articles -
Christian Profile: House of Yahweh (Contra) Watchman Fellowship profile

- Sites -
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox House of Yahweh (Pro) Official site.

Howard, Jay

Author of "Confronting the Cultist in the New Age" (Out of print). A graduate of North Central Bible College in Minneapolis and is the founder and director of The Association for Theological Studies.

Howard-Browne, Rodney

Credited with bringing the Holy Laughter movement to America and beyond. Calls himself the "Holy Ghost Bartender."

- Articles -
Christian Good News New York? A personal impression of Howard-Browne's recent "Good News New York" crusade.
Christian The Intoxicating Spell of Rodney Howard-Browne (Contra)An Eye-Witness Report on the Canadian Escapades of the "Holy Ghost Bartender." An article from the PFO Journal Click for more information on this entry
Christian Rodney Howard-Browne: A critical examination of his theology and practice Rev. Stephen Sizer

Howell, Vernon

Better known as David Koresh, the late leader of the Branch Davidians.




Stands for "Hard To Receive." This term is used by some supporters and promoters of certain renewal and revival movements. If someone being ministered to does not appear to respond to prayers by manifesting, he or she is said to be "HTR" - Hard To Receive (i.e. it is said he does not easily accept or receive what God has for him.) The term is considered offensive by many.

Hubbard, Lafayette Ron

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Humanism is an ideology based on the centrality of humankind. It is possible to espouse theistic humanism, or even Christian Humanism. In these cases, the term humanism means a concern for humanistic goals, with the understanding that God is the final solution to man's needs. Secular humanism, on the other hand, implies a focus on man apart from God, whether or not God exists.

- Articles -
Christian Optimistic Secular Humanism

Secular Human Rights Without Frontiers

This private "human rights" organization states it is "independent of all political, ideological or religious movements," and "does not defend one specific religion nor all religions."
Human Rights Without Frontiers defends the basic principles of the freedom of religion and belief wherever they are violated and whoever is the victim.

HRWF mails daily press releases "about 'Religious Intolerance and Discrimination'" to "more than 400 experts, university professors, lawyers, foreign correspondents, human rights organizations." The news items include reports from wire services, Keston News Service, the European Parliament, articles from HRWF correspondents, but also from the cult apologist organization CESNUR.

Director Willy Fautré appears a little more balanced and a lot more professional in his approach than CESNUR's Massimo Introvigne. However, it is clear he supports the latter's anti-anticult stance. By carrying CESNUR's "press releases", HRWF gives credence to that organization. When reporting about cults, sects, or possible countercult measures, HRWF shows a tendency toward alarmism and appears to favor reports from cultists and cult apologists.

Not surprisingly, many anticult activists consider HRWF to be a cult apologist organization.

Note: the web site is poorly organized.

Grey Zone, Unsure, or Offkey Hunt, Dave

Outspoken, often controversial author (e.g. "The Seduction of Christianity"). According to a Dec. 23, 1997 message by Douglas Cowan to AR-talk, CRI Canada has "issued a statement distancing themselves from his writings, citing conspiracy theories, questionable exegesis of biblical texts, and rather indefensible attacks on certain prominent Christian leaders."

Hunter, Bob

Spokesman for the Christian Research Institute. Responsible for much of the research behind Hank Hanegraaff's book Counterfeit Revival. Publishes The Contenders web site.

Hunter, Charles and Frances

Also known as "The Happy Hunters." Based at John Osteen's Word of Faith Church (Texas). Proponents of Holy Laughter.

Hurnard, Hannah

Hutchinson, Janis

- Books by ... -         Click On Titles To Order At Discount           » More Books


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Hyde Park Christian Fellowship

An informal network of Christian researchers in the United Kingdom, whose primary interest is the academic study of all issues relevant to Islam and Christianity.

Operates The Muslim-Christian Debate website.

Hyde Park Christian Fellowship
P. O. Box 7672
Email: admin@debate.org.uk


The concept that everything, inanimate matter includes, is in some sense alive. Compare animism.

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