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About This Entry

Apologetics Index is a huge site consisting of - at this moment - pages. The information in this entry will help you find your way around, and to get the most out of the site.

About this page            Color Key
 Blue border = Quoted material

Quoted Material

Throughout the site, you'll find material quoted from many different sources. The vast majority of quotes look like this:

The text of quoted material is offset, the font usually is colored 'navy,' and there is a light-blue bar to the left of the quote.

Quotes within the quoted text are indicated by
a deeper offset, and a different color.
Note: if you think a quote is copied incorrectly feel free to let us know. However, if you merely disagree with the information expressed in the quote itself, contact the author of the quote instead.
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Apologetics Index Viewpoint

The publishers of Apologetics Index support freedom of religion in thought and expression.

We also support the freedom to present relevant information about religions, movements, leaders, doctrines, and practices in an effort to

  1. promote understanding,
  2. promote interfaith dialogue and debate, and
  3. help people make informed decisions about various belief systems and world views.

In our case, such information includes pointing out significant doctrinal differences between historical Christianity and religions or movements that claim to be compatible with it.

In addition, we believe it is important that people know how to tell apart destructive cults and abusive sects from genuine religious movements.

The publishers of Apologetics Index provide this information from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view. (See our Statement of Beliefs).

You'll notice that we're opinionated. However, you'll also find that our research resources sections include color-coded links to information presented from a variety of perspectives. Feedback shows that this approach is one reason why Apologetics Index is used by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Our Christian guests may be interested in the values we espouse. We also encourage Christians to take note of the following key documents:

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